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Don Mitchell 1943 - 2013

Sorry folks, I don't know how this one slipped me by at the time.


He leaves two daughters and a new grandson.

Ironside 2013 trailer

I really don't know about this. I wanted to like it, and Blair Underwood is certainly a good actor, but to be honest the trailer leaves me feeling rather sad. It just looks so unpleasant. Yet another cop breaking the rules. And yes, the original Ironside and his team did that too, obviously, but not in this sort of way. This just looks needlessly violent. It's such a good idea for a show, and I can understand them wanting to try it again, with a modern spin. I wish they'd gone for something totally new, though. This is nothing like the original Ironside. So why the same name?

I'm trying so hard not to be too unfair to this just for being new and different. There is nothing in this trailer that I want to watch, though. I really did hope that there would be.

NBC's planned Ironside remake

Further to the last post on this issue, NBC have now commissioned a pilot, starring Blair Underwood. He's a good actor, no question about that, which is going to be one thing in this remake's favour. I can definitely see him as an Ironside-type character, playing an irascible cop. I'm still not sure about this, though. Why does it have to be a remake?! There's a lot that can be said about disabled issues - and should be being said on primetime TV - so on the one hand, I'm behind this idea. And yet...

And why have they chosen an able-bodied actor? A five minute bit in the pilot, where he can walk before he gets shot, is not a good enough excuse. They used Raymond Burr because it was the sixties. It is now 2013. Hire an actual disabled actor, NBC. There is simply no excuse not to.

But I digress. The fact that a pilot has been commissioned is no indication that a series will follow of course. It doesn't even mean that the pilot itself will air (or indeed even get made). Further information may therefore follow, or it may not!


That link is hellishly slow tonight, incidentally. I'm guessing because it's Oscars night. Or at least I think it is.

Ironside remake planned by NBC




It's not that I'm totally opposed to remakes. They can work very well. Ironside was so much more than just the concept, though. It was made by the cast, and by their chemistry. By the lasting friendship between Raymond Burr and Don Galloway, as well as by the great way in which the entire cast played off each other. More than anything, it was made by Raymond Burr. I'd be inclined to think that they should just run with the idea of a detective in a wheelchair - which is a good idea, without it having to be that detective.

Anyway, it's NBC, and they haven't done anything decent in years. It's hard not to be pessimistic!


Inspired by sealgirl, and her talk of something mysterious called yuletide. So blame them. I tried to post this anonymously, in keeping with what seems to be the spirit of yuletide, but couldn't work out how. Which is either me failing at LiveJournal, or LiveJournal failing at Christmas. Or both.

Anyway, here you go. 1900 words (ish) of... something.

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New articles at "A Man Called Ironside"

There's some interesting new press cuttings at A Man Called Ironside lately. I'm particularly fond of this one, an interview with Don Galloway which talks about he and Raymond Burr having plans to shoot a series together in Fiji when Ironside finished. I wonder what it would have been? There's also a new article about why Barbara Anderson left the show, which made me smile. I didn't know that her husband was called Don. It must be practically compulsory for people involved with that show to have that name! ;)

Episode Reviews

I meant to post these links ages ago...

While wandering around the internet, as you do, I happened upon this lovely and hilarious set of episode reviews in The Beechwood Reporter. The author hasn't got to the end of series, so I expect there will be more.
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Guest starring elsewhere...

Lately I've been watching Simon & Simon season two on DVD (it's an eighties private detective show for those who don't know, about chalk-and-cheese brothers getting into trouble lots). Last night's episode, "A Design For Killing", dates from 1983 - and look who was the guest star:

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The Picture Frame Frame-Up

Found this in a second-hand bookstore at the weekend. It's by William Johnston, and it seems to be a children's book. I'd recommend it as one to keep an eye out for, though. The plot is a little frustrating at times, as the guilty party is very obvious from the outset (it's meant to be a whodunnnit) - but the characterisation is perfect, and he's absolutely nailed the dialogue. There's one moment when Ed has been working all night and is feeling sleepy, and Ironside grumbles at him for it. I could really see Raymond Burr and Don Galloway playing that scene. :)

Limited, then, since it does seem to have been intended for kids, but still recommended as one to look out for. :)

Don Galloway.